男 Male
大學畢業 - Degree
數學 Mathematics, 物理 Physics, 資訊及通訊科技 Information

本人是一位來自中中的工程學系大學畢業生, 現正修讀碩士課程。由於個人的經歷關係,本人深信有教無類,凡人皆可成材。關鍵在於使用正確的學習方法以及學會自習。所以,本人希望會在補習期間教懂學生有自學自習的解難能力,以供其一生並用。如無特別要求,補習期間會以針對改善學生失分問題為主。本人亦可以提供補習時段外的問功課服務。

I graduated with a degree in Enigneering and I am a part-time master student right now. Due to my own experience in my Chinese as medium of instruction school, I believe that everyone can be a better and successful student. The key to be successful is to use the correct way to learn and to be self-learning. Hence, I would like to teach the pupil to learn the trouble-solving skills during tutorial time and apply them to their future life. Without any special requirement, tutorial classes will be mainly focus on improving the weakness of pupil. Whats more, I would be able to provide support after class via apps.

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